LORENZO PASSI: "Futuruins” is a joint project between the Hermitage and the Museo Fortuny. The display symbolises an endless spiral in which ruins are an image of the eternal struggle and indissoluble link between past and present, life and death.
A cura di Daniela Ferretti, Dimitri Ozerkov con Dario Dalla Lana, 2018

Publisher: Grafiche Veneziane

ISBN: 978-88-98488-46-9

Dimensions: 22 x 16,8 cm

pages: 255

The exhibition reflects on the theme of ruin: an allegory of the inexorable passage of time, always uncertain and changing, disputed as it is between past and future, life and death, destruction and creation, between Nature and Culture. The aesthetics of the ruins is a crucial element in the history of Western civilization. The ruin symbolizes the presence of the past but at the same time contains within itself the potential of the fragment: a fragment that comes to us from antiquity, covered by the patina of time, for its cultural and symbolic implications also becomes a valid "foundation stone" to build the future.

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