Inclusion / Exclusion

CÉSAR MENEGHETTI. The exhibition inclusion/exclusion invites reflection, trough art, on some critical questions of the contemporary world, the process of inclusion and exclusion.
César Meneghetti, 2019

Publisher: Maretti Editiore

ISBN: 978-88-98855-86-5

Dimensions: 24 x 15,6 cm

pages: 146

The exhibition Inclusion / Exclusion invites the public to reflect, through art, on some of the most critical issues in the contemporary world, the processes of exclusion and inclusion. The intrinsic concept of the exhibition is concentrated in the work ME/WE. On a two mirror surfaces, each of which includes the same letters is the same size and same colors, we read ME on one side and WE on the other. These two words are hit by a directional light that reflects the word from the opposite side onto the floor and backwards. The directional light "of inclusion", in ME, reflects and becomes WE and in WE it reflects to becomes ME. The mirrors in which the visitor narcissistically sees his own reflected image, at the same time guides him towards a symbolic "reflection" that leads us to consider others as ourselves. This obvious message, which is strongly counter-trend, is also the same message that is repeated and extended to the whole exhibition, in every work, in every action. The ME/WE's statement is categorical: we are unique individuals, but at the same time we are united, interconnected and our life and happiness also depend on the happiness of each of the 7 billion co-tenants of this planet. And it is a message launched by 66 disabled artists who have experienced a process of exclusion before and afterwards inclusion.
With the experimental intensity of the art media, the 25 works exhibited in Inclusion / Exclusion show us poetically how exclusion can create an inclusive antithesis. Disabled artists do not work with fame or their own advantage in mind. Their gaze combined with mine turned to facts and images that sensitized us, influenced us and produced a change of our way of thinking and our language.

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