Noi diamo [+] senso

CÉSAR MENEGHETTI. Through his art and the excellence of the use of the most current media, Meneghetti represents the new protocol of contemporary art, the current essence of art that moves through a relational creative process.
Simoetta Lux, César Meneghettti, Alessandro Zuccari, 2015

Publisher: Maretti Editore

ISBN: 978-88-98855-58-2

Dimensions: 24 x 15,6 cm

pages: 104

Featuring the exhibition NO/I DIAMO [+] SENSO we are adding one more paragraph to the project I/O_IO è UN ALTRO of the artist César Meneghetti. Both projects, designed for and together with the Community of Sant'Egidio, have the value of new protocols of contemporary art, as interceptions in the field of art taken on the terms of reference of the Community at many levels - in the encounter with people - for the realisation of inclusion processes intended to remove different attitudes of reclusion / exclusion still highly widespread in the modern world, along with the prejudice on which they are based.

Simonetta Lux, historian of contemporary art, was called upon by the Community of Sant'Egidio as she is the founder / creator of the Museo Laboratorio di Arte Contemporanea (MLAC) inside the University La Sapienza in Rome (1986-2011).

Until 2011 she directed that institution which was associated with the project from the beginning. The invitation by the Community to Simonetta Lux went through Alessandro Zuccari, an art historian, professor at La Sapienza, belonging to the first generation of the Community, a specialist in his own field as many others in the Community.

Therein, a long process began, the key element of which were widely shared: i.e. the awareness of the role that the practice of creative and expressive processes has for the recovery of personalities in crises. We are not speaking about therapeutic effect, but about the real free reconstruction of the personality that acknowledges one's own limits and alleged diversity. It is just the beginning of an action which brought into play both those as Colapietro, Fenu and Mizzon, who hitherto had used traditional practices of art, and we curators, who with them had to appeal and reiterate an idea alien to traditional art, involving simultaneously all of us in a process of relationship and exchange that - in reception of the outside world - extends to countless other developments. if for Colapietro, Fenu and Mizzon  the free creation was the intermediate and in any case already concluded act of a long process of training, education and support, operated by the Community, now the challenge was to cross a further border, becoming subject, witnesses and authors of a further communication through art.

César Meneghetti, with his art and excellence of his use of the latest media, is just a new protocol of contemporary art, that current ways of being of art that moves through a creative relational process and with wise devices, whose result is not an object but a complex multi-disciplinary and multi-media container, capable of revealing conditions, memories and stories with an efficacy much more direct than the traditional document or writing. In this new protocol all artists enter and operate.

Community action which takes place all over Europe and beyond, is now aimed widely with freedom from many places of confinement by creating new, specific and individual projects and opportunities for life. An action of redeeming the person, along with a wider vision of communication and involvement of those others "other" which would like to undermine an existing innate prejudice with the help of art. This is also our action, a sense beyond the work, beyond an exhibition: they give + meaning to our otherness.

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