L’azione espansa (Gina Pane - Silvia Giambrone)

30 October - 18 December 2016

CreArte Gallery presents "Gina Pane - Silvia Giambrone. The expanded action" (curated by Carlo Sala). The exhibition creates a dialogue between the works of Gina Pane, one of the most important performers of the twentieth century, with the work of Silvia Giambrone, an emerging international artist recently selected by Cristiana Collu, Director of the National Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art of Rome (GNAM) for the "Level 0" Award.


The exhibition is a reflection on the themes of the body in art and society, femininity, family relationships, social forms of control and development of subjectivity - already emerged with vigour within the artistic practices of the 1970s, and which today can take on new meanings and be treated through renewed expressive methods. The photographs taken from some of Gina Pane's most important performances are juxtaposed with Silvia Giambrone's recent installations in order to arouse a game of references, assonances and dialogues.


The exhibition features some of Gina Pane's most famous and iconic works of the body-art season such as Action Je (1972), Transfert (1973) and Action mélanconique (1974) and the famous Action Sentimental (1973). The thematic dialogue, which is triggered between the two authors, however, starts from a different use of the body: whereas for Gina Pane it is the main vehicle of her expression, so much so as to originate very accurate symbolic and emotional actions, for Silvia Giambrone the body is not always staged directly, so the very concept of "action" expands towards objects that evoke its development, that are a direct derivation or cover a complementary value to develop a specific reflection.


A rich selection of works by the latter is exhibited, starting from her performance Teatro anatomico (2012), where the artist sews an embroidered collar directly onto her skin, an element charged with ambiguity as a symbol of ancient craftsmanship, but also of an unconscious adherence of women to a gender culture. The video of this performance thus enters into dialogue with two of Gina Pane's most famous works: Action mélanconique and Action Sentimental. In both, Gina Pane uses her body as an expressive vehicle, performing actions in which it is subjected to pain. In Action Sentimental she speaks of the condition of the woman, of her relationship with her mother, of the affective stereotypes in which one is sometimes trapped. The images of great emotional pathos show Gina Pane sticking rose thorns in her arm and cut herself; her body thus becomes a true "open" creative matter towards others.



Other works by the two authors revolve around the theme of the private dimension: in Action Je, Pane is placed outside the window of an apartment and acts as a vehicle to convey to the public in the square below the sensations, emotions and events of the family that she's observing. A reflection on the private also pervades the works Eroina (2012), Collars (2012) and Untitled - Wallpaper (2016) by Giambrone, where the domestic place is seen as a space in which the subjectivity of the individual is formed, but also where it can be limited. The assumption is also evident in the photographic installation Vertigo (2015), where a series of everyday objects, placed in dialogue with each other, subtly evoke personal conflicts.


The relationship that is created between the works of the two authors comes from the investigation of the central theme of the body, intended both as an expressive medium and as a subject capable of formulating reflections on the relationship between the individual and society.

Installation Views