• Founded in 2015, CreArte is an eclectic contemporary art gallery in constant transformation.

    “We are interested in contaminations, in different forms of expression. We present artists who work with traditional techniques alongside artists who use digital, video and laser technologies. The common element is the "life" that can be found in their works, what they say through their work.

    Keeping the Gallery alive involves building relationships, dealing without prejudice with unexpected perspectives and different visions on the world that we live in, on which the artworks force us to focus our attention.

    I think that's why I've always thought of the Gallery as a long-term project. That's quite a statement in difficult times like these”.

  • A Contemporary Art Gallery is by its nature a space of symbolic "transaction" which connects artists and collectors in a relationship, in a bond, that is symbolized by the artwork


    2020 slowed down the world, suddenly underlining the fragility of many of our consolidated beliefs and indisputable certainties.


    The crisis - which is not only economic, but also and perhaps even more social and cultural - that our society is going through, forces us to rethink our usual behaviours and models, to accelerate the transition to new and truly contemporary ones, even in the field of art. It is not a matter of resisting the crisis. It's about letting it transform us.


    Translating this reflection into the reality of a Contemporary Art Gallery is vital. It is compulsory to rethink its mission, or perhaps to strongly reaffirming it in its original nature as a place of exchange not only of artworks, but also of ideas, concepts and reflections.


    A Contemporary Art Gallery cannot fail to be an open and militant meeting space. A Gallery is, by its nature, a space of economic and symbolic "transaction" which connects artists and collectors in a relationship, in a bond that is symbolized by the artwork.


    The Gallery is a place of intellectual and philosophical speculation where everyone is welcome to participate. It is, of course, also the economic and financial place for art, that provides visibility for artists and their works. It thus contributes to the creation of artworks, it helps "communicating" them through exhibitions and conveying them to the society. It passes them on to the public. This is why the act of selling an artwork should be actually regarded, in its essence, as a curatorial act.


    In this perspective, galleries play an essential role in contemporary culture. They offer to those who have the curiosity, the opportunity to see today's art in the making. Galleries are militant spaces that allow everyone to take an active role in the creation of contemporary art, not only as spectators, but also as actors.


    This is the public vocation of the Art Gallery.



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